Battery System Manufacturer Sets Up Shop in Ohio

 Battery System Manufacturer Sets Up Shop in Ohio

Forsee Power’s new line of slim batteries.

Forsee Power to Headquarter and Manufacturing Facility in Our State

By Terry Troy

In what can only be continued good news for electronic vehicle (EV) manufacturing in our state, Forsee Power, an international expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, has selected the Columbus area, specifically Hilliard, as the location for its North American headquarters and manufacturing.

According to the company, it is a major step in the development of the company’s unique international footprint in the battery system industry. While the company will continue to serve its existing customer base, there is a long term strategy to develop a customer base in North America, targeting the growing commercial vehicle market; primarily buses, off-highway vehicles, light urban and utility vehicles and trains.

The company will leverage its experience of more than 1,200 buses and 100,000 light vehicles equipped with Forsee Power batteries. The Columbus move will allow the company to optimize costs and supply chains and is also a requirement for key markets such as the city bus market which requires a local presence to comply with the FAST Act (or the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, in which 70% of the value of a product must be produced locally in public procurement).

To jump start manufacturing in Hilliard, Forsee Power will duplicate the production of existing products and product ranges and cover the needs of current and local customers with its lines of battery systems. There will also be systems designed specifically for the US market.

Forsee’s long term goal is to achieve a production capacity of 3 GWh in the United States by 2027 with an investment of $13,238,000 being made to adapt its product to the local market, building production lines and recruiting a team of 150 employees. In addition to manufacturing, the 138,000 square-foot site will also host R&D capabilities and headquarters facilities.

The Columbus area was chosen for Forsee Power’s new headquarters and manufacturing facility.

Jay Deis has been named president of Forsee Power North America. Deis, an American citizen, will be tasked with establishing the North American organization and manufacturing while using his extensive product expertise to serve the North American market. Deis has extensive international experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

“Forsee Power’s decision to establish its North America headquarters and new battery production facility in Ohio is a testament to the advantage of building out the rapidly growing EV industry in this state,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. “We welcome Forsee Power’s confidence in Ohio’s talent and innovation, and we look forward to partnering with them as they produce and advance this critical technology here.”

“Forsee Power’s decision to choose Ohio for its first U.S. battery systems manufacturing facility aligns with Ohio’s exceptional position to be a global leader in smart mobility, EV production and supply chain development,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio’s president and CEO. “This investment from overseas attracts a global innovator in the sustainable electromobility solutions that will bring 150 good-paying jobs while strengthening the critical supply chain in Ohio.”

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